Getting Back to Work In the Post-COVID Era

It is humbling to see how a tiny virus can reveal the best and worst of humans.

I hope that when you’re reading this, you and your kick-butt start-up team are fully vaccinated, as we are, and heading back to take over the world. We love ya!

With all the progress we’ve made, we’re announcing that we will return to in-person meetings when our next cohort begins. This assumes that between now and then, our steady COVID case decline continues, fingers crossed.

Science has made it possible for us to safely meet in-person for our next cohort that begins in late July. I can not express the depth of gratitude I feel, and absolute thanks for all the health care workers, vaccine developers and researchers who saved our collective bacon.

We are requiring all funded cohort members to be fully vaccinated and attend in person, unless they have a medical exception. We love science. We expect you to love your neighbor and do the right thing with the vaccine.

That may seem harsh to some people; however, we learned a lot during the pandemic about ourselves, our portfolio, and the importance of communities working together. Over the long-term, success comes when we collectively make selfless choices to help one another and show love for neighbors over ourselves.

It is not about your rights. It is not about gas lighting me with some twisted “freedom” excuse. It is about making a scientific choice to protect the people we love, and the communities we live in.

There are legitimately people who can not get vaccinated because it would cause grave harm to their bodies. Please love these people enough to get vaccinated. It is how we keep them safe from COVID.

Patriots give their lives to defend those who can not defend themselves. Let’s be patriotic for humanity, and get immunized.

It is humbling to see how a tiny virus can reveal the best and worst of humans. We want to keep working with the best, for the best.

We’re back from Zoom Austin. See you this summer.

Author: Joe Merrill

I'm a VC in Austin, TX.

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